Friday, May 22, 2009

Yet Another Reason To Hate The Steelers

...Ok, so this story is more on the Obama Administration than the Steelers, but blaming the Steelers for all of life's ills is much more fun.

BTW, I'm already starting to slightly regret voting for Obama. Not that much, mind you, but slightly. I still would vote for him, having Sarah Palin anywhere near the leadership of this country would be a disaster of biblical proportions but Obama's transgressions with me are starting to mount a bit:
- His odd Steeler-love

- Raising cigarette taxes to obscene levels (Despite being a smoker himself!!!)
- Not attending a Caps game, despite their being the hottest ticket in DC
- Snubbing a bunch of 5-year-olds for the Steelers
- Did I mention this photo? Why Obama, why?

Get your shit straight Barry! Don't make me never want to vote again! Then again, there are some members of the Steelers that have some things in common with 5-year-olds...

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