Saturday, February 21, 2009

Late night quick hitters

Just to take a break from the epic O's post, allow me to do a post for those of you with short attention span, the blog-tastic links post. Here's your linkage...

- Can you believe its been a decade since film critic Gene Siskel passed away? Life moves pretty fast indeed. In honor of the 10 years since Gene's passing, Roger Ebert has penned this outstanding tribute. However, the true priceless part is the video clip of Siskel and Ebert with Howard Stern.

Wrasslin' clip of the night:

One of my all-time favorites, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase goes to a public pool for a swim. Hilarious heel tactics ensue. I have to say the funniest part of the clip is when DiBiase says "Have you ever seen a more perfect specimen?" And Virgil answers "No sir." Lots of homoerotic tension between The Million Dollar Man and his manservant, I must say.

Self-Indulgent Video Theater:

Not one but two by the most gloriously self-indulgent band since "Use Your Illusion"-era Guns N Roses: 30 Seconds To Mars. I can't decide which one is more ludicrous. Is it "From Yesterday" aka the one where the band is in China, dressed as ninjas. Or is it "A Beautiful Lie" aka the one where they are playing on a huge glacier. The latter even comes with end credits. There is a fine line between art and crap & 30STM stradles it brilliantly.

- Canada, Germany and Austrailia are the world's friendliest countries. I can vouch for the first two. Canada is the birthplace of hockey. 'Nuff said. And Germany gave us Fettes Brot, Deutschland's answer to the Beastie Boys and who may have produced the most bizarre music video ever made by three (allegedly) heterosexual guys.I'd say more but I'm not sure a description could do it justice.

-Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree is out 6-10 weeks to repair a stress fracture in his foot. I am sincerely hoping this scares off 25 other teams and he falls to the Ravens at 26. Probably won't happen but a brotha can always hope.

That's it for me tonight. But I shall return tomorrow with a post about the big Caps-Pens game at 12:30 and maybe something else. Till then, good night suckas!

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  1. Jared Leto is a mack. Supposedly he is giving the next album away for free. Ted DiBiase is a mack as well... however... the man isn't custom made from heard to toe.