Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's lazy links...

Can you dig it? SUCKAAAAAAA!!!!

-Since I've been such a Nancy Negative lately, here's some positive news to start the day, THE Towson University took home a 75-74 win last night over Delaware in men's hoops. On Senior Night no less. Hoo-rah!

-Some more positive news from the B-Mo Sun. It appears the Ravens and LB Bart Scott are close to a deal. Ozzie says, "We're making progress," on a deal with Ray Lewis. That could mean just about anything but certainly being close to a deal with Scott serves as a fall-back option in case Ray Lew flies the coop.

-Jamison has the lowdown on this year's free agent class. To say it's underwhelming is an understatement.

-Excellent work from Wyshynski over at Puck Daddy regarding the Caps new all-female fan club, Club Scarlet. Funny thing about those "beefcake" style photos of the Caps. Besides the fact they show them on the video board at the Phone Booth, I've noticed that several of them (I know Michael Nylander is one) are wearing the same leather jacket. Did the team only have enough money in the budget for one leather jacket? And does noticing this make me gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

-Not a good start for the O's in their exhibition opener as they fall 9-3 to the Mets.

-Hoo-rah Part II: Viktor Kozlov is expected to be back in the lineup tonight against Atlanta.

-Nice work from the WaPo on the current popularity of the Caps. Is it bandwagoneering? Sure, a little bit. Many of these folks that are coming aboard wouldn't know John Druce if he walked up and introduced himself. Or why he holds a special place in the sub-cockel region of every longtime Caps fan.

Nonetheless, the more people that get into hockey, and hopefully stay hockey fans, the merrier for me. Lord knows we have enough freaking basketball out there.

Non-sporting links:

-Do you love your guns? God? The Government? Fuck yeah! Three points to whoever can guess where that reference comes from.

-Anytime people are attacking "Comedian" Rush Limbaugh (I didn't think of the name, Keith Olbermann did), I'm a happy guy.

-Finally, our YouTube clip to swing your heavy metal hair to is one the coolest, yet eeriest clips I've ever seen, "Eyes of the Insane" by Slayer.

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