Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lazy links...

This morning I'll send a few links up related to the sports teams collectively known as "the good guys" (that would be the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles and Washington Capitals for those who haven't figured it out yet). This is lazy blogging at its finest, but since I'm doing this while on the clock, there's no time for a long dissertation. For the few of you that like that sort of thing, I'll be back later tonight with an Orioles related post and a recap of tonight's Caps-Flyers tilt. Until then, enjoy...SUCKAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!

- Japer's Rink has a preview of tonight's Caps game. Let's see how the team responds to another rivalry game. Surely, the Flyers will not fold like a tent when the Caps play a little rough with them like Pittsburgh did.

-More from On Frozen Blog regarding the Crosby-Ovechkin business from Sunday

-I mentioned Felix Pie in my O's post from this weekend. Well, he is just now getting to spring training due to visa issues in the Dominican Republic. The Schmucker has the details.

- Ken Murray of the Sun has the antidote to all Ravens fans out there fretting over this Ray Lewis to the Jets or Cowboys business. Personally, I couldn't agree with Murray more on this one. The other thing, if you read Peter King's piece and see some of the ESPN coverage on the possible "Ray to the Cowboys" thing, do you notice a certain glee these national nitwits have when talking about it? Funny how some of these same nitwits were calling Ray a murderer nine years ago. I see, but he's ok now that he may be signing with the national media's beloved Jets or Cowboys. National media, meet my middle finger.

-But if you're a Ravens fan and you are losing sleep over Ray Lew's potential departure, this news from Jamison Hensley ought to perk you up.

Non-Sports Department:

- My old buddy Greg "Snake" Maki has a review of Oscar night.

-Speaking of pimping the blogs of friends, here's Icon vs. Icon's interview with the director of the Razzie Award winning film (Paris Hilton-Worst Actress) "Repo! The Genetic Opera."

- More bad news for the newspaper industry. Both the Philly Inquirer and Daily News are filing for bankruptcy. I actually applied at the Inquirer about a year ago and now am quite glad I did not get the gig.

-I try to keep this site apolitical, but reading this story on Yahoo!, I couldn't resist. A "Where Are They Now" on officials from the Bush Administration. I hope when they do this 10 years from now, prison is included for some of them. I'm looking at you Dick Cheney.

-Finally, our YouTube clip to swing your heavy metal hair to is "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Prong.

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  1. The Razzie's are silly... Paris isn't even in Repo! for much of the film... they just subscribe to a "Hater Mentality" that is running rampant in the United States at the moment.

    Also, Ray Lewis can hit the bricks as far as I am concerned.