Thursday, February 26, 2009

Metal Albums I Am Addicted To

This is a quick little item that I'm going to try to make a regular feature here at Hangar 39, because if there is anything I like more than some Caps, Ravens and O's, its some goddamn heavy metal music. So since I now have the space to do it, I'm going to give a short synopsis on why I love this particular record that will hopefully encourage you to get it. (if you don't own it already)

Today's record is....

"The Blackening" by Machine Head

To say this record is epic almost does it a disservice. There are two songs over 10 minutes long, two songs over nine minutes long and not one of the 8 songs on there is less than four and a half minutes. The thing is, its never boring. It doesn't lull for one minute, if its possible to do that for such lengthy songs. The guitars shred viciously right from the 10-minute opener "Clinching The Fists Of Dissent." Throw in Robb Flynn's scream of "GOOOOOOOO!!!!" and the record commences kicking your ass.

It's hard to pick one track that stands out because the whole album is great as a whole, something you don't see much anymore. You don't need to fret about skipping tracks. Just put this puppy on and let it rock. From the fist-pumping "Clinching" to the almost pretty "Halo" to the epic "A Farewell to Arms," this album has it all. If I was to choose at gunpoint which tracks are my favorites though, I'd go with "Aesthetics of Hate," maybe the angriest song ever recorded or "Wolves," which I'd want as my theme music if I ever became a pro wrestler, with Flynn screaming "UNLEASH THE WOLLLLLVES!!!" in the intro.

By all means check this shit out if you are looking for some ass-kicking guitar riffs, screaming vocals and thoughtful vocals as Flynn tackles issues such as war, death and religion. This shit fucking rocks.


  1. A very solid album. I always dug 'The Burning Red' as well. The have rarely disappointed. Their live show is awesome too.

  2. I saw them open for Metallica earlier this year. They were solid but the sound at the Phone Booth was pretty shitty. I'd love to see them at a small club. Def need to pick up their first album and the one before "The Blackening" Heard both those kicked ass as well.