Friday, April 3, 2009

Ovie vs. LeBron

Excellent get from Dan Steinberg over at D.C. Sports Bog: It's the historic (OK, maybe not historic) summit meeting between LeBron James and Alex Ovechkin after last night's Wizznuts-Cavaliers game. Pretty amazing scoop, the best hockey player on Earth and the best basketball player on Earth having an awkward conversation in the bowels of Verizon Center.

Best parts of this story- 1) LeBron rocking a Kanye West-inspired ensemble 2) Nicklas Backstrom playing the role of "third guy in the porn scene." and 3) LeBron's line: "Yeah. He's a bad boy. God....I don't know how you guys do that [stuff], sliding on ice and still hit the [dang] puck? Whooo." Somehow I envision LeBron doing this with a look that says "Where's the bus again?" and Ovie doing this with a "What the fuck is up with those glasses? He no understand fashion." look on his face.

As if that were not enough, there's video!

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