Monday, April 6, 2009

The Return of Barksdale

Apparently Baltimore wasn't such a bad town for Samari Rolle. After asking the Ravens to release him, Rolle has reupped with the team for 4 more years.

From the sounds of the Sun's story, Avon Barksdale's double drank the purple Kool-Aid after a face-to-face meeting with GM Jim Jones, I mean, Ozzie Newsome. The move is yet another indication that the Ravens will go with a wide receiver in the draft, having signed Rolle, Chris Carr and Domonique Foxworth to address the need for depth at cornerback. Where Samari fits in that mix, who knows, but his veteran skills, fur coat and Louis Vuitton bag will certainly come in handy.

Once again...

...Avon... in the same?

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