Saturday, April 4, 2009

Caps Under Construction - Part 4

OK, we're ready for our 4th and final installment of "Caps Under Construction." If you missed anything, scroll down or click here, here and here. You know the drill.

Now for Part 4:

:15 - The Caps are on the clock and GMGM is ready with the pick. Caps owner Ted Leonsis and GMGM inform Alex Ovechkin that he'll be announcing the pick. Ovie, rocking a Gallagher Brothers haircut, tries to get out of it, to no avail.

GMGM: "Gary Bettman wants you to talk."
Ovie: (not said) "Somebody got Bettman off Crosby's knob long enough for him to say that?"

1:36 - The Caps team gets ready to go up to make the pick but not before GMGM goes over Ovie's line "The Washington Capitals are happy to pick Nicklas Backstrom" more times than Stanley Kubrick made Shelley Duvall scream during the making of "The Shining." Say it with me, "The Washington Capitals are happy to pick Nicklas Backstrom." "The Washington Capitals are happy to pick Nicklas Backstrom."

2:09 - A smirking GMGM tells Chicago's table "We're gonna take The Swede." I would officially like to add that line to the "List Of Things I Wish I Could Say More Often," along with "Hands off the merchandise" and "Do you want me to use the Spanish accent?" "We're gonna take The Swede" could be used for so many things, like picking which girl your buddies are going to talk to at a bar or taking a dump.

2:36 - GMGM and Ovie step up to the mic to make the pick. Despite his English not being very good (at least not at that point), and clearly being nervous, Ovie delivers (as he always does).
Ovie: "Washeengton Capeetals are happy to peek, Neecklas Baaackstrom."

3:23 - TSN (the Canadian sports channel covering the draft) analyst Bob McKenzie says, "Alex Ovechkin is going to love playing with this guy." Little did we know.

4:12 - Dirty Al and GMGM do a little post-draft interview:
GMGM: "We think he's an elite playmaking centre." Did they have Backstrom scouted well or what?

5:13 - Dirty Al wraps things up from Stanley Park in Vancouver. Al looks like he's auditioning for "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous." And then perfectly, we see the statue of Lord Stanley, inferring the Backstrom pick is one more step to the Caps winning Stanley's trophy.

So what did we learn? Well, if the 2004 draft with Ovie and Mike Green laid the foundation, 2006 was the house on top as the Caps landed the Goose to Ovechkin's Maverick. We learned that NHL GMs are loose-lipped and socially awkward at the same time. And we have seen that even professionals Pull A Mason from time to time. Finally, we learned that when all else fails, just tell people, "We're gonna take The Swede."

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