Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's Ric Flair Words Of Wisdom

Sorry there has been a lack of activity here at the Hangar but ye ol' blogger has been busy with all sorts of things, one of them includes a hockey tournament in Laurel, Md. I was pretty much without internet for the whole weekend, except for the Crackberry so there were no updates. The good news is that TCCC took the Silver Division in this year's Heineken Hockey Tournament, so, I figured I put up one of my favorite Ric Flair clips just for laughs. Alas, this will be the only post of the night since I left my computer battery charger at the day job but tomorrow I will put together a big package with info on all the Ravens draft picks from this weekend. Until then, here's the Nature Boy.

"We got 50 girls standin' outside our dressing room door, lookin' for the winners, WOOO!!"


  1. Ric Flair needs to talk about hugs not drugs with his son...


  2. Has The Hanger be shut down like Area 51 or lesser blogs?