Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Too Much Time On Their Hands Files

For this late night blog I'm going to make two separate points and then tie them together. Bear with me now 'cause I'm kinda fast.

One of my favorite recent comedy's is "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story."

It's usually on Starz/Encore every 5 hours and I always get sucked into it. Admittedly, it's not a flawless movie; it completely falls apart in the last 25 minutes but for the first hour and 15 minutes it is as funny as any recent comedy. John C. Reilly is hysterical in the title role, the movie absolutely shreds biopic cliches, the one-liners come fast and furious and the songs are very clever.

Now on a completely unrelated tangent. It's a well-known fact that there are too many people in this world with entirely too much time on their hands. Thanks to new media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia, there are outlets for these kinds of folks. The people who do some of these things should be working for the government.

Ok, with that said, it's time to tie this all together. My favorite song in "Walk Hard" is "Let's Duet," which parodies Johnny and June Carter Cash (as the whole movie does). The song is rife with double entendres like the title itself and these gems...
"In my dreams you're blowing me.......some kisses."
"I just want to make out.......what you're saying."
"You and I could go history."
"Let's ways that make us feel good."
"I'm just gonna beat off.....all my demons."
"Here I am a sneakin'behind you......You can always come in my back door."

With that backdrop, somebody out there in the world synched "Let's Duet" to Guitar Hero III. Whoever in the world thought this up and executed is some kind of genius and has entirely too much time on their hands. Enjoy.

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  1. I liked this film as well. Not perfect but fun... kinda like Universal Soldier .