Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Morning After

For one day at least, it is a glorious time to be a Baltimore Orioles fan. We just spanked the New York Yankees and their $200 million team on opening day. And our booing of Mark Teixeira is the talk of the baseball world.

Check it out, O's fans made:

D.C. Sports Bog

and Yahoo's Big League Stew blog.

Not only that, but when you search for this here blog on Google, the words "lowlife, front-running, chickenshit motherfucker" come up. Really, really good times.

So now that we O's fans have shown Big Cash, I mean Tex, how we feel about him, now its time to add another man to the shitlist. This guy will be a lot tougher to boo than Big Cash but if we see him around town, he should be given the same treatment. It's Fox Sports baseball columnist Ken Rosenthal.

Just like Big Cash, this guy has Baltimore ties (he worked for the Sun) and has plied his trade nationally by shitting on the Orioles at every opportunity. He piled on big time after the 30-3 debacle against Texas two years ago with a scathing column about O's owner Peter Angelos (alas, it is no longer online). Ok, fine. The criticism was warranted at that time. But then he goes out and writes a column saying we had no rational reason to boo Big Cash yesterday. No rational reason? Wha!?! Apparently Kenny doesn't read Hangar 39 much. Bottom line is, in Baltmo, we never forget a slight and Big Cash slighted us. It wasn't about the money, it wasn't about the Yankees. It was about the fact that Big Cash was a disingenous douchebag. If he had just said something to the effect of "It was about the money" or "I wanted to play for the Yankees the whole time," he wouldn't have got booed as bad.

As bad as Big Cash's foot-in-mouth disease, it was nothing like Rosenthal. Just read this self-aggrandizing interview with a fawning Rick Maese on the Sun's website. My favorite part is that Angelos owes HIM an apology for PA's calling him out after that Texas article two years ago. Give me a break. Please, Fox, do us all a favor and don't send this guy anywhere near Oriole Park for the rest of this season.

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