Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Guys Links - Orioles

It's been a couple days since I have posted anything about Baltmo's baseball team, not that you've missed anything or missed the Orioles period. Nonetheless, they are our baseball team and they do provide the placeholder in between Capitals and Ravens seasons...

"So they got that going for them...which is nice."

- The O's bullpen is looking to stay healthy this year. Having the starters last longer than 4 innings every start would help.

-Chris Gomez's roster status is "shaky" as spring training starts to wrap up. You could say Gomez's baseball talent is also "shaky"

- Former Oriole Curt Schilling called it a day. May you continue to rot in hell Glenn Davis.

- Happy news for Nick Markakis fantasy owners: he's looking to steal more bases this year. I also hope he keeps his awesome heavy metal hair all season.

- There will be no Rich Hill on opening day.

- O's blog The Wayward O previews the AL East.

- Another O's blog, Dempsey's Army, has some info on the Matt Wieters hype machine, including, apparently, Chuck Norris Facts.

- Peter Angelos says once the O's get into playoff contention, then they will start going after big name free agents. So the plan is, once we develop all this minor league talent we're trying to develop, then we can go out and get another Albert Belle to sink the franchise into another decade of 4th place finishes. Is it just me or is there a lot more optimism around the O's when Angelos doesn't talk?

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