Sunday, March 15, 2009

Caps 5 Carolina 4 (SO)

I did not get to see last night's game due to being at the Burn Halo/Charm City Devils show in that noted hotbed for rock 'n roll: Laurel, Delaware.

Nonetheless, I did keep up with the score and was glad to see the Caps get back on the winning track at home. With the win, the Caps not have a 13 point lead in the Southeast Division with 12 games to play. Alas, New Jersey also won last night, so the Caps are still one point behind them for 2nd overall in the East. In addition, the Devils have two games in hand on the Caps. So if your a Caps fan your favorite teams are the Caps, and whoever is playing the Devils (as well as the Penguins and Flyers of course.)

"Lishen here Jershey, your luck has just changed. Now, start loshing New Jershey"

Anyway, since I didn't get to see the game, here's the highlights from Yahoo! (hope that link works, if not I'll go back and fix it when it gets on YouTube). And since I won't have an official game recap, here are some game recaps from Japer's, the WaPo, OFB and Yahoo!.

So that's it for this game. I'll be missing the next game as well, Monday night on Versus against Atlanta, due to my day job. For now, it's one more...for the good guys.

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