Monday, March 16, 2009

Thrashers 5 Caps 1

I did not get to see the game tonight as I was busy with the day job. Judging by the score, it sounds like the Caps served up a delightful helping of...

Since I didn't personally see the game, I will let text message updates from my dad (affectionately known as 'The Turk') and my friend Karen From L.A. do all the recapping for me tonight.

Karen (8:06 pm): "Hey Ryan! Don't know if you can see Caps/Thrashers game right now on VS. It's 2-0 ATL after 1, unfortunately. GO CAPS! Will provide updates!"

Karen (8:26 pm): "Well Ryan, now it's 3-0 ATL. Salmea got his 1st goal in NHL. This is the same offensive flurry I saw from ATL vs the Kings. GO CAPS! Oh no, ATL just scored again!"

Karen (8:34 pm): "Varlamov just replaced Theo in goal! Joe B just said '4-0 Trash!' That's the story."

Karen (8:47 pm): "Ok ryan, it's 4-0 ATL after 2. Caps played much better in 2nd. Ovie threw some wicked checks! Alex S. had some nice shots."

Dad (9:59 pm): "Caps had 50 shots. Scored 1 late after down 5-0. Jose was horrible. Pulled in 2nd after giving up 4. D was pitiful and Thrash scored on almost every PP."

Me (10:01 pm): "Sounds like the Philly debacle in December."

Dad (10:06 pm): "It was brutal. Kari Lehtonen looked like the 2nd coming of Pat Roy."

Me (10:08 pm): "That was the Philly game. Right down to the Finnish goaltender. Just swap Brent Johnson for Theo."

Dad (10:12 pm) "But Philly is a top team in the league. Thrash are pretty much bottom feeders."

So yeah, it was that kinda night and I'm glad I didn't have to watch it. OK, I'm depressed, what can perk me up? Let's see. The Marisa Miller iPod photo will help...

...And how about some reassuring words from Ministry, covering Louie Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World."

OK, I feel better. Bad day. Fuck it. Until next time, let's say good night to da bad guys.


  1. Nice Shit Sandwich graphic! Very Retro!

  2. I'm just glad that one had the writing on it. The graphic without it was too disgusting.