Friday, March 20, 2009

Non-Sporting Links

Let's take a break from sports and tooting my own horn to bring out a few non-sports links. In fact, just to show the schizophrenic nature of Hangar 39, I'll follow all the stuff about hockey with a picture of David Hasselhoff...

...and post a link to the Hass singing "Du" on German TV (in German no less). Why? Cause at Hangar 39, we can do anything.

- Our blogging comrade Greg "Snake" Maki has a review and some links regarding the new film "I Love You, Man" starring The Great Paul Rudd (Snake's words not mine).

- Since he's not going to ban fighting there, whenever Gary Bettman is fired as commissioner of the NHL he can next try to ban fighting in bowling. My only question is: Was this a premeditated bowling brawl? Or was it in the heat of the battle? And since one of the bowlers lost a tooth, should that be a 5-minute major?

- Only in Pennsylvania. Does crazy just come with the water up there?

- My hetero life partners in heavy metal,, have an interview with John Allen of Baltmo's own Charm City Devils. I saw the Devils in The Rock And Roll Mecca That Is Laurel, Delaware (it's so important I had to capitalize it) and must say they put on a great show. Here's their first video for the song "Let's Rock N' Roll."

- Speaking of which, Western Sussex County is in the national news for bomb threats and text messages about school shootings. Scary stuff 10 years after Columbine, but having been to Seaford, Delaware myself, who the hell would want to bomb anything there? Clearly this is a domestic terrorist that has not graduated to the big leagues.

That's it for the non-sporting links for today. Until next time...


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  1. Awww...The Hoff is my favorite German! ;)