Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A few links...

There won't be much activity here at Hangar 39 today. Besides a busy day of work (writing stories for my day job) I'll be on the road today, travelling back up to the Easton Town Limits to make my big Easton public access TV debut on Gary "The Woo" Wooters and Justin Williams' sports show. I'll be talking Caps and other hockey stuff for what it's worth. Thus, since I'll be trekking through the icy terrain of the Mid-Atlantic, there won't be much time for blogging. Not that I'll be missed at this point. So I'll post up a few links first and come back a little later with my thoughts on the Caps trade deadline activity. So let's prepare the ship for metamorphosis. Ready Kafka?

-Baltimore North has added a new member. Jim Leonhard has signed on with Rex Ryan's boys. Maybe Rex figures if Modell was able to move the whole franchise, he can certainly take the players. Sucks losing Big Jim, he was a terrific pickup last year and was absolutely invaluable when Yamon Figurs stunk and Dawan Landry got hurt. Unfortunately, with Landry coming back the Ravens had other fish to fry and there was no guarantee Leonhard would have a starting spot next year.

-Per The Sun again, the Ravens are looking into signing free agent center Matt Birk to replace Jason Brown. Matt Birk. He went to Harvard.

- Nice piece from the Schmucker on Adam Jones and his efforts to try to get more African-Americans interested in baseball.

- Our annual "Watch Out For Hayden Penn!" story. It might be the new "Daniel Cabrera Has Turned The Corner!"

-THE Towson Univerity hoops team will face Drexel in the CAA tournament starting Friday night in Richmond. The Tiggers have lost twice to the Dragons already this year but have won their first-round game the last two years. Doing better than their abysmal 14-27 from the foul line performance the first time they played Drexel (a 60-53 loss) would help.

- From the "Can It Get Worse" files: After two straight humiliating home losses, the Caps get a scare when Alex Ovechkin left practice today gingerly after taking a shot to the foot. Tank says he's OK though. How much you want to bet the shooter was either Jeff Schultz or John Erskine?

-Per Deadspin, this prank from last night's Maryland-Wake Forest hoops game.

-Finally, today's YouTube clip to swing your heavy metal hair to is "Seasons In The Abyss" by Slayer.

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