Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good Guys Links- Capitals

Since the Caps are in the heart of NASCAR country to play the former Hartford Whalers tonight, I figured I'd throw a Ricky Bobby reference out there. Here's all the links that are fit to quit to get ready for tonight's Caps-Carolina Hurricanes match.

- Tank says Mike Green should be in the lineup tonight. Greener, as you may recall (or may not), suffered what looked like a nasty shoulder injury Thursday night in Tampa. Milan Jurcina looks to be scratched.

- Chris Bourque (son of Ray) will take the spot in the lineup vacated by Boyd Gordon and Quintin Laing. Let's hope Bourque lasts longer than poor Laing did.

- One more from Tank - former Chicago Blackhawks and current San Jose Sharks forward Jeremy Roenick has no problem with Alex Ovechkin's celebrations. High praise from the greatest video game hockey player ever and the man who made Wayne Gretzky's head bleed in "Swingers."

- Since we're talking Ovie and celebrations (again), here's Tom Boswell's take.

- Japer's has this translated interview with Ovechkin by Slava Malamud of Sport Express

- Peerless is calling for a 5-3 Caps win.

- A brief preview of tonight's game from da bad guys perspective.

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