Monday, March 9, 2009

Not a good Sunday for the Good Guys...

- THE Towson University was unable to take to George Mason in the semifinals of the CAA Tournament ended yesterday with a 56-48 loss. It was a nice run for the Tiggers, ending a bad season on a high note. However, calling the Tigers run "storied" may be stretching things a tad.

"Was a nice run Kev, had to close out someday."

- The Caps also lost yesterday, their fourth straight defeat, this time to the hated Penguins in a shootout 4-3. The Caps got themselves down early, 3-1 after 2 periods, but fought back to tie it with two quick 3rd period goals by Alex Ovechkin and Brooks Laich. It was a fun game to attend and it can be confirmed that my friend and former work protege Jermaine "Bunky" Murray thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Unlike prior Caps defeats, this one was one I could live with. In the 3rd period the Caps got back to the swarming, puck-possession style of hockey we've grown accustomed to. The Caps had several chances to end this thing but Marc-Andre Fleury, who looked like swiss cheese the last time these teams met, came up with some nice stops to give his club a chance to win. The game went into a shootout where Sidney Crosby scored the only goal to give the Pens their first victory over the Caps in four tries this year. Now for some random mental notes from being in the stands:

-Sidney Crosby is still a pansy. I hope little Sid and his "sugar daddy" Don Cherry are happy that Little Sid was able to get a win and a first star.

-Crosby did have a nice game (a goal, assist and shootout winner) but let me tell you, I was 10 times more terrified of Evgeni Malkin than I was of Crosby. When Little Sid gets the puck your first inclination, as an opposing fan, is "don't let this little punk score." When Malkin gets the puck your first thought is "Oh shit, Malkin has the puck and he might score." On TV you maybe don't appreciate it much, but next to Ovechkin I can't think of a guy I've seen who inspired more feelings of dread and excitement than Malkin.

-The anti-Crosby signs were brilliant. Well played Washington. As soon as me and Bunk entered the area, the first sign they had on the video board was a Crosby "No Diving" sign. My personal favorite Crosby-bashing moment was a sign and a doll these two girls brought in. One had a sign that said, "You Can't Spell Crosby Without 'Cry'" while the other had a baby doll with a "Crosby 87" Penguins jersey.
(photos from Puck Daddy)

-Bill Guerin's goal was pretty sweet I must say. Shaone Morrisonn, you got pwned on that one.

- The celebrations by some, not all, of the Penguins fans in attendance was absolutely ridiculous. Can you believe that after the Caps beat them three times this year, including a humiliating 5-2 defeat two weeks ago, these people were celebrating like they just won the Stanley Cup! All sorts of "woo-hoos" and high fives. And the Caps catch all the criticism for celebrations? Congratulations guys, you won one game out of four and needed a contrived breakaway competition to do that. The win moved them to 8th (8th!) place in the Eastern Conference. Settle the fuck down Sparky, you're humiliating yourself out there. I do not blame some of the Caps fans one iota for challenging some of these goofs to fisticuffs afterwards. One example, I'm outside the arena and a couple of Pens fans are whooping it up when four Caps fans walk by and casually inform them that, you know, you won one game against us all year, cool out. So of course, Pens fan gets all beligerent and the two dudes nearly come to blows before a sensible Pens fan comes in and breaks it up. As the Caps fans walked by I told them "Don't take any guff from these swine," in my best Hunter S. Thompson voice. Then again, assholishness and Pittsburgh sports fans go together like peanut butter and jelly so who am I kidding.

-Speaking of assholes, the three guys we saw getting off the Metro in Flyers jerseys? Wrong game, dipshits!

So that's it for now. I'll be back later with some photos from yesterday's game and maybe another post depending on time constraints. I am sure you are willing to move hell, fire and brimstone to be here...

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