Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things That Need To Be Stopped- Part II

Guys in Golf Shirts:

Every time I go to a club or a bar, no matter where it is, I see anywhere from 50 to 650 guys wearing this exact same look. Seriously, fellas, this needs to stop. You are not Tiger Woods at Augusta. When you are out at a bar or club, you are not on the 18th fairway. There is no need for you to wear a golf shirt. Buy yourself a nice button-up and have at it but for the love of all that is holy, ditch the golf shirt. You look like a tool. Especially if said shirt is pink. That goes double when the golf shirt you are wearing is two sizes too small. And even more so if you decide to pop the collar. I mean, look at these dudes...

...when you look like this, people do not think you are cool. People think you are an asshole. Women quietly laugh at you while other guys just want to see you get hit by a car. I know retro is a chic thing sometimes and I love things from the 80s as much as anybody but this isn't one of those things. A popped collar on a golf shirt is something that should have died with the decade. I mean, look at guy #2. See my point? And even if you aren't popping the collar, the golf shirt look still looks dumb. It's called a golf shirt for a reason, it's meant to be worn on the golf course. Still don't believe me? This look doesn't even work for a professional athlete...

If Alex Semin can't pull this shit off, you, the average moron, certainly cannot. Put the polo shirt back in the closet until it's time to tee off.

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