Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's YouTube Clip To Swing Your Heavy Metal Hair To

Hello out there. Things have been a bit quiet here in the old Hangar, mostly because this site is undergoing what they call in Hollywood parlance "a reimagining." Since it's all in my head I can't really tell you what its going to be like but rest assured my devoted readers (who I will now christen "The Five") will enjoy it. I'll be hitting you up with three more posts today and that should hopefully last you through the weekend. I won't have any blogs up here from Friday to Sunday due to my participation in the 2009 Tom Farrell Invitational Hockey Tournament/Beer Fest. So for the first post today, we'll give you a little headbanging music to set the mood and then later this evening I'll come correct with the goodness.

Today's clip is very fitting for this blog. It's from everybody's favorite French-Canadian extreme metal band, Kataklysm, with "Crippled And Broken." Enjoy.

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