Saturday, March 14, 2009

All quiet in the Hangar

Apologies for both my loyal readers here but it's a busy weekend for your friend and humble narrator. Yesterday I bypassed an extra blog to meet up with my old buddy Pat Thomas Esquire and company to catch "Watchmen" up in Annapolis. My opinion: B-. Loved the action, loved Jackie Earle Haley's character (who would have thought Kelly Leak from the original "Bad News Bears" could play such a badass?) loved the CGI stuff and the gal playing Laurie was sneaky hot. On the other hand, the movie was too long, the plot kinda wanders all over the place and there was far too much male nudity.

Today, I'll be on the road again, this time back to Rehoboth Beach for two Cape Gazette assignments and then off to Laurel to meet up with "Maki At The Movies" creator Greg "Snake" Maki for a free show with Burn Halo and the Charm City Cobras (who sound like either a gang from "The Warriors" or an 80s hair metal tribute band. Snake assures me they have an AC/DC kinda sound. We'll see.)

So that means there will not be much up here in the Hangar, although I may be able to find time to write about a metal album I'm addicted to. Anyway, just a couple orders of sports business to take care of...

- Samari Rolle is getting his wish and will be released by the Ravens. Good luck Barksdale. Was it really just three years ago when Samari and Chris McAlister were considered one of the best cornerback tandems in the NFL?

- The O's split an exhibition doubleheader with the St. Louis Cardinals.

- The WaPo's Katie Carrera, filling in for Tank, gives the lowdown on the offensive struggles of any Caps not named Alex Ovechkin, Alex Semin, Sergei Fedorov, Nicklas Backstrom and Brooks Laich this month.

- OFB on the post-deadline Caps.

- Japer's on Jose Theodore's rebound control. Or lack thereof sometimes.

- Alex Ovechkin's Easterns Motors commercial outtakes make SportsCenter. They show hockey there? I would have missed it in between the Sacramento Kings-Charlotte Bobcats highlights, another Manny Ramirez story, another Yankees story and another Terrell Owens story.

From outside the Hangar's range:
- Torry Holt was released by the Rams. Hmm, would he look good in purple and black?

- Carrie Underwood AND Hilary Duff are dating Ottawa Senators players. See, once you go hockey player, you never go back. Well played Mike Fisher and Mike Comrie, well played indeed.

Non-Sporting Link:

-I forgot to put this one up yesterday but it's brilliant work by Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star (and a lot of other outlets) on "Comedian" Rush Limbaugh. This is Whitlock at his finest. Now, pretty much take everything Whitlock said about Comedian and switch it with Don Cherry and you will have my personal opinion of Cherry.

So that's it for now. As for some entertainment, here's a cool highlight package by NFL Network from the 2008 regular season.

...And a YouTube clip you can swing your heavy metal hair too? How about "Swamped" by Lacuna Coil, which not only features the always aesthetically pleasing Christina Scabbia but also allows me to have the line "DESTINEEE!!" stuck in my head all day.

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