Sunday, March 8, 2009

Morning links...

Hello dear Hangar 39 readers, what there are of you. For those of you who may be new to this here site, just know that this is where the magic happens...

...Anyway, here are some links from the world of Capitals hockey, Ravens football, Orioles baseball and a few from the world of pop culture. I will be back later with photos and a full report from today's Caps-Penguins tilt.

- Sidney Crosby. Still whining.

-Hoo-Rah! Alex Ovechkin will be back in the lineup this afternoon.

-Tom Boswell on the Caps recent three-game losing skid.

- Ovie has officially made it. He now has his own Easterns Motors commercial.

- The Orioles split this weekend's spring training games, beating the Nationals 6-2 and losing to the Marlins 3-2 in 10 innings. The O's will face the Minnesota Twins today at 1:05 pm.

- Another nice article about Matt Wieters from the Schmucker. Damn I can't wait for this kid to come to Baltimore. Judging by his hitting this spring, he's making it harder and harder for them to send him to Norfolk to start the season.

- Looks like Manny Acta and the Washington Nationals coaching staff is learning the same things about Daniel Cabrera that O's fans got to know and loathe over the past five years.

- Now that Ray Lewis' situation has been taken care of, the next long-time Raven without a contract is kicker Matt Stover. At first it appeared the Ravens weren't going to bring him back but Ozzie Newsome says they could bring him back. David Steele says the team should bring him back and I agree. Let Stove come back on a one or two-year deal. He's still just about automatic within 45 yards, he's a good guy and the fans love him.

- After signing Domonique Foxworth, Ray Lew and Matt Birk, Ozzie says the Ravens aren't done adding players yet.

- Nice work from The Sun's Rick Maese on Ravens guard Chris Chester and his preparations for life after football.

Non-Sporting Links:

-Please welcome a good buddy of Hangar 39's to the blog-o-sphere, Big Cat Chris Bartlett and his new blog, Quantum Mechanics of Bloomfield.

-Coolio is busted for crack cocaine. I have no words.

- From the Icon, just what the world needs - 1) another remake and 2) another WWE Film. I suppose we're just stopping trying to think of our own ideas. Can't some of these people just buy a Robert McKee or Syd Field book and at least pretend to think of a new idea.

- Finally, today's YouTube clip to swing your heavy metal hair to is...there is no clip because YouTube is being a little bitch this morning.

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