Saturday, March 7, 2009

Your Hockey Brawl of the Week...

In honor of tomorrow's game between the Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, I present this classic line brawl from 1989 between these two clubs just to show that this is not a recent rivalry. I remember this game from back in the day because it was like many a game between the Caps and Pens back then: the Pens won the game, the Caps won the fights.

This game was the first of a home-and-home and in this first game at the old Capital Centre, the Penguins scored something like 3 goals on 4 shots against Pete Peeters (I think) to turn this one into a laugher by the 2nd period. Late in the 3rd period, this fight broke out and Alan May transformed himself from anonymous 4th liner to full-fledged cult hero by pounding the beejeezus out of Pens defenceman Gord Dineen. The next night the two teams played in Pittsburgh and another line brawl like this broke out in the 3rd period. Ah, those were the days.

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