Monday, March 16, 2009

Links ahoy...

What ARRRRGGGGH ya doin' out there internets?

Time for another lazy links post. This may be it for today as far as posts since the day job is going to take up much of my time. Thus, no game recap from Caps-Thrashers tonight unless I manage to get out early. I can hear the weeping from Delaware to Slovakia now. I'm going to do this in a little different format, so if you like it, let me know. And if you don't like it well, IDONTGIVEAFUCK!

"Sasha, what the fuck are you doing?"

Good Guys Links:

-Orioles take two more exhibition games from the Boston Red Sawx. That's a sweep in Grapefruit League competition. If only they could do this when the games count. And if only slapdicks like this didn't show up at Orioles Park in spades...

- Brian Roberts had a big game for Team USA in its bounce-back win over the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic.

-Radhames Liz - future bullpen arsonist. If he doesn't have Jorge Julio written all over him I don't know who does. And yes, I am still bitter at Julio for murdering my fantasy baseball team a few years back.

- The Ravens and O's are teaming up for a doubleheader promotion on April 25. The Ravens are hosting a "FanFest" type of event and those that buy tickets will also get admission to the O's-Texas Rangers night game.

- Jake Arrieta, Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz are all headed to the minors as predicted right here on Hangar 39!

- Brian Pothier may make his first appearance in two years during tonight's Caps-Thrash game. Glad to see Brian was able to make it back after suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Caps owner "Billionaire" Ted Leonsis sums it up pretty well.

- From Japer's - God wants Alex Ovechkin to get #50 tonight. I agree with God on this one.

- JP and Peerless have previews of tonight's game, which will be on Versus at 7 pm.

-Also, Peerless rightfully calls out Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, aka NBC's Pierre McGuire and "Mad" Mike Milbury for the dated criticism about Jose Theodore. The "Caps can't win the Cup with Theodore" stuff is about as dated as a 90s Mike Myers movie.

Non-Good Guys Sporting Links:

- Auf wiedershein Matt Jones. My only regret is that he didn't pull a Robbie Fowler and snort the endzone line.

- Via Puck Daddy - The Calgary Flames are drawing musical inspiration from...Lady Gaga? Who the fuck is Lady Gaga?

Non-sporting links:

-R.I.P Ron Silver. Loved you as Senator Darren McCord in the Jean-Claude Van Damme blockbuster "Timecop."

Silver also delivered the immortal line from the short-lived Fox TV show "Skin" -"HIS FATHER IS THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY!!!"

- From the Icon - The lack of creative imagination in Hollywood continues. Now we are apparently getting a "Macguyver" movie. Other than Patty and Selma from "The Simpsons" is there anyone out there excited about this?

- Dick Cheney - still delusional.

Finally, today's YouTube clip to swing your heavy metal hair to is "One Shot, One Kill" by Maryland's own Dying Fetus.

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