Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's YouTube Clip To Swing Your Heavy Metal Hair To

We'll be taking a little break from the sports world today and do one or two pop culture world posts. So those that are tired of reading about hockey, this is your day. To start things off in an extreme metal sort of way, and tie it in with our theme as a cool DC/Baltimore sports blog, we have "Conquistadores" by Baltmo's own Misery Index. These guys formed out of the ashes of the original Dying Fetus lineup and will be playing Maryland DeathFest VII this year. Enjoy suckas.


  1. Sorry for the delay in posts... I have been involved with a "lengthy" move of the site to say the very least. Hopefully it will all be wrapped up until tomorrow... Until the I will be off the grid.

  2. No problem. Other than being asked for a password to connect to your server everytime, it's really not a problem

  3. There have just been a boat load of problems on tech supports end. Soooooo annoying but I am locked into the transition at this point and there is no turning back.