Saturday, March 7, 2009

THE Towson University 58 Northeastern 54

Well where have you been all season Tiggers? Oh yes, THE Towson University is only two wins away from the NCAA tournament where I would almost surely waste $5 just to say I bet on my alma mater to win the National Championship. The Tiggers are seeded 11th in the CAA tournament and despite finishing 11-21 on the season, the team has advanced to the semis by upsetting 6th-seeded Drexel (beat Towson twice this year) and 3rd seeded Northeastern ( beat Towson once this year). Now the Tigers get to face 2nd seed George Mason for the right to play on ESPN Monday for the chance to go to the Big Dance.

"I see you rolled you way into de semis mang"

"It's a Cinderella story. A team 10 games under .500 is two games away from becoming the CAA champion."

So, do allow me to gloat for a night in my alma mater's success. It doesn't come around that often.

Fight on Towson Tigers

Fight on Black And Gold

Fight on Towson Tigers

Hit'em hard, let 'em know who's bold!

Fight on Towson Tigers

Fight on to the end

Fight, Fight, Tigers fight,

Towson Tigers fight on!

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