Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Guys Links - Capitals

'Cause who doesn't love UGA or English bulldogs. I've wanted to get a bulldog for sometime now and whenever I get one, I want it to look like UGA. Only instead of a University of Georgia jersey, I want to get it a Caps, Orioles and Ravens jersey for the different seasons. The spiked dog collar is choice as well.

Here are some Caps links for ya in preparation for tonight's game with the Tampa Bay Lightning. I'll have a postgame recap as soon as the game ends. I know you will be panting like a dog in anticipation.

- Speaking of bulldogs, Billionaire Ted Leonsis is also singing the praises of Brooks Laich. The Owner also raises the good point that Brooksie was acquired for Peter Bondra during the great fire sale of 2004.

- According to Tank, Simeon Varlamov will get the start against the Bolts while Brian Pothier and Quintin Laing should also play. Laing will make his 2008-09 debut, probably in place of Boyd Gordon, who is nursing an injury. Pothier will replace John Erskine, who is a healthy scratch.

-Peerless and Japer's preview tonight's game.

- OFB on Alex Ovechkin's MVP chances.

- Another one from OFB, this time on the bracket all of us over the age of 21 would like to enter.

- A preview of tonight's game from the Tampa Bay side.

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