Thursday, March 12, 2009

Short Links/Hockey Brawl Of The Week

Because we are not above "little people" puns here at Hangar 39, we have the late, great Joe C. Kid Rock got about 90 percent less cool when he lost the man that was "3 foot 9 with a 10 foot dick." Today we don't have a lot from Ravens or Orioles world but plenty from Planet Caps. So let's get on with the show.

- The Schmucker on the O's looking into signing Pedro Martinez, who hopefully will bring his little Dominican friend with him.

- The Sun with an interesting story about Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and his buddy, Maryland hoops coach Gary Williams.

- Caps winger Donald Brashear is still a little shaken up following his KO at the hands of Nashville enforcer Wade Belak and could miss tonight's tilt with the Philadelphia Flyers.

- More from Tank and Brash, this time on fighting.

- Japer's with some nice work on Eric Fehr's contributions to the Caps this year and Brian Pothier's attempt to comeback after missing almost two years with concussion issues.

- For those in the Hershey, Pa area, the Stanley Cup and the American Hockey League's top trophy, the Calder Cup, will be on display. (Per On Frozen Blog)

- From the Philly side of things, Caps Public Enemy #1B will likely play tonight. That's right, Danny Briere and his emo bangs will be on the ice. No word if Panic At The Disco is doing his entrance music.

"Hey guys, is this where I can pick up my Jimmy Eat World tickets?"

In honor of tonight's Caps-Flyers rivalry game, I present this line brawl from the early 90s between these two clubs. Observe Officer Don Koharski taking notes while all five guys plus the goalies go at it. Way to go Officer Koharski!

Non-Sporting Links:

- The Quantum Mechanics of Bloomfield loves him some bailout humor.

- Maki At The Movies has all your entertainment links that are fit to print.

- The Icon has the word on The Rock's steroid use in college.

"The Great One says inject his ass jabroni!"

- More info from the Icon on the upcoming Nine Inch Nails-Jane's Addiction tour.

- Finally, your YouTube clip to swing your heavy metal hair to is "Get To The Choppa" by Austrian Death Machine. We here at Hangar 39 fully support the integration of brutal death metal and Arnold Schwarzenegger lines.

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