Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Guys Links - Capitals

While we're doing links posts, here are some from the largesse (is that a word?) that is the Caps blog-o-sphere.

- On Frozen Blog has this laughable advertisement on Fox Sports Carolinas for Saturday's Caps-Hurricanes game. The laughable part is not the "They took what was ours" line. No, it's the "Our Team. Our Tradition" tagline. Your tradition? You are the former Hartford Whalers. People would probably like you more if you were still the Hartford Whalers. After all, who couldn't love the mighty Whale. They were mentioned in "Mallrats." They were the worst team in the history of video game hockey but they had character, damn it. The Carolina Hurricanes are shite. You know what? Cue up the fucking "Brass Bonanza." Long live the Whale! Down with Carolina!

- Speaking of OFB and teams moving, could we have seen the beginning of the end of the Florida Panthers? Love the title, by the by, mostly because it's the same as my favorite Local H album.

- Tank with a nice piece on Caps forward Brooks Laich. You gotta love Laich, who I thought was the Caps best player on a consistent basis in last year's playoffs and is the sort of blood and guts guy that will NOT be intimidated by the Philadelphia's and Pittsburgh's in the playoffs this year.

- More from Tank on holding the Panthers shotless in the 3rd period last night.

- Peerless on the Caps special teams. Or lack thereof.

- Billionaire Ted on last night's game.

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