Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Short links..

With all the snow falling here on the East Coast, it's pretty much like Siberia over here. Thus, it's a slow day of linkage here at Hangar 39. As usual, this is a compendium of stuff from the Ravens, Orioles, Towson Tigers and Capitals with some pop culture stuff thrown in for good measure. Because here at Hangar 39, I compile the links so you don't have to. I will be back later today with a Caps-'Canes recap and possibly another post. Okey dokey Dr. Jones? Now we go for a ride...

- The O's won their second straight exhibition game with a 5-3 victory over the Sawx.

- The Sun has some info on another of the O's highly touted pitching prospects, Brad Bergeson. Also, the Schmucker addresses whether or not to put the O's young pitchers in the rotation now or later.

-THE Towson University lacrosse team lost to 9-4 to University of Denver over the weekend.

- Negotiations between the Ravens and free agent tackle Marvel Smith have cooled a bit. I didn't even know they were negotiating in the first place. Why is Ozzie negotiating with a former Steeler trash? Shouldn't Kordell Stewart and Keydrick Vincent have taught him that there's a reason the She-lers get rid of these guys?

"Anyone else wanna negotiate?"

- The Caps will have Viktor Kozlov back for tonight's game against Carolina.

Non-Sporting Links:

-Our man MoGo at Icon vs. Icon was busy during yesterday's snow day. First up is Gene Simmons' quest for even more money. Maybe Gene can title his next book, "How To Piss On Your Band's Legacy." Also, cool news regarding Crue Fest 2: Motley will be playing the "Dr. Feelgood" album in its entirety. Just as long as they scratch "Without You," that's all good with me. Finally, Sam Raimi is taking a break from making "Spiderman" films to do another horror movie. Should have a significant awesomeness factor.

- The best woman's name in history, Arianna Huffington (seriously, is that a great name or what?) puts some smack down on Karl Rove.

-Finally, today's YouTube clip to swing your heavy metal hair to is one of the bands playing at this year's Maryland Death Fest VII, England's own, Napalm Death with "Silence Is Deafening." The best part of this clip is the guy giving sign language in the right corner of the frame.

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