Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some small links...

Get it? Sometimes I just kill myself! Anyway, here's your usual batch of links at a much later hour than usual, keeping you abreast of what's going on in the world of the Ravens, Caps, Orioles, THE Towson University Tigers, sprinkled with a liberal dose of pop culture. Can you count, SUCKAS!

- Jersey Joe Flacco made the rounds today at the Entertainment Steeler Programming Network (that's ESPN for those who can't figure your acronyms). The Sun has all the details. Of course, the Unibrowbomber was asked about one of ESPN's favorite butt boys, the recently released Terrell Owens, and whether the Ravens would have any interest in him. Quick answer: Absolutely, 100 percent fucking NO! As is his wont, Joe Cool (that's three Flacco nicknames in one segment. Impressive Ryan. Most impressive) deflected these queries with his usual Joe-speak. Do any of these ESPN guys remember how Terrell pretty much told the Ravens to go fuck themselves when they traded for him in 2004? Or how he mocked the recently re-signed Ray Lewis' pregame dance after scoring a touchdown against the Ravens in 2004? Or trying to justify his actions by saying he wasn't so bad since he never faced double murder charges like Ray? Or how in his book, Owens accused Ozzie Newsome of being a closet racist? I think Oz would rather do this...

...than sign Owens to play for the Ravens.

-By the way, Big Mike Preston has been on a roll this off-season. I love this idea, even though Ozzie would never do it.

- New Raven Matt Birk is happy to be in Baltmo. Glad to have you too Matt.

- O's win again in exhibition play with a 5-2 win over the Florida Marlins. Last year's first-round pick Brian Matusz looked impressive. A very good sign for the O's future pitching prospects.

- Caps try to get off the schniede (lost 3 of 4 at home) tonight against the bottom-dwelling Toronto Maple Leafs at the Phone Booth. Tank El-Bashir is reporting that Michael Nylander will be back in and Alex Ovechkin, Tom Poti and Jose Theodore are all expected to play.

-Not Caps related but a worthy read from Deadspin on ex-Flyer and current Tampa Bay headcase Steve Downie.

"You ain't got no future Steve! You're a A-1 nutboy, Grissom knows it."

Non-Sporting Links:

-Our resident movie reviewer Greg "Snake" Maki has his take on "Watchmen."

-Per The Big Lead and Vanity Fair. This a long but fascinating read from Michael "Moneyball" Lewis on the collapse of Iceland's economy. And here I thought Iceland was only known for this...

-Finally, today's YouTube clip to swing your heavy metal hair to is "Jesus Christ Pose" by Soundgarden (it does have a short Chris Cornell interview at the beginning with Spanish, I think, subtitles!). If this clip doesn't give you an epileptic seizure, I don't know what will.


  1. Glad to hear that you hooked up with Woo and Shooter. They have a quality gig going... they just need to get it on YouTube... to spread the madness.

    I guess I am glad Ray Ray stayed... we shall see.

    Bjork rules.

    I heard Mason is filming a remake of "Real Genius" this summer.

  2. Yeah, the Woo was a little under the weather so I had to make my first TV appearance in a decade. You're right, I wish it was online and then I would post it here but, oh well. "Real Genius?" I thought he would be taking the Richard Tyson role in the remake of "Three O' Clock High."