Monday, March 2, 2009

Lazy links on a day without work...

So we've had our first blizzard here on the East Coast, which means most of us were able to get out of work. Hoo-rah! Of course, the bad part is that I will have to drive an hour and change back to Coastal Delaware but, oh well. It's worth it to not have to sit in a Rehoboth Beach commissioners meeting. Before I get to the usual shenanigans I do in this space, for my friends on the West Coast or anywhere not on the East Coast, here's what it looks like outside here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland... with that, all there really is to do today is blog, watch ridiculous action flicks like "Face/Off" and download stuff to iTunes. 'Cause you know I need to hear me some "Ten Seconds To Love." Anyway, on with the links, mostly regarding the Orioles, Ravens and Capitals but also includes anything else that may tickle my fancy. If you can dig it, SUCKAAAAA!

-Not all of our teams at THE Towson University have issues winning. Give it up for our swimming and diving team, which captured its second straight CAA title. They have a long way to catch the dance team, which won, I think, like 3 national championships in a row. We may not be good at football and basketball but our dance team will RULE your school's dance team. Beeeotch!

- The Orioles moved over .500 in spring training with a 7-5 win over the Nats.

-Other O's items: first, Jeff Zrebiec has a story on Matt Wieters. I cannot wait until this kid shows up in B-Mo. He's going to be a good one. Second, it didn't take long for Rich Hill to get hurt. He's got some stiffness in his elbow and shoulder. Uh, not good. To make up for Hill's injury, the O's took a flier on oft-injured ex-Padre Adam Eaton. Great, so that way, if he makes the club he can get hurt for us just like he did for the Padres, Rangers and Phillies.

- Big Mike has a story on Samari Rolle, who, in light of the Domonique Foxworth signing and being asked to take a pay cut, now wants to be released. I am flat out opposed to doing this because in Baltimore, we need a guy who looks like Avon Barksdale from "The Wire" on the club.


-Jamison Hensley has more on the Foxworth signing, from Ozzie Newsome's perspective.

-Tank has Alex Ovechkin's reaction to the whole Don Cherry hollaballoo.

-On Frozen Blog on whether the Caps should make any moves at the trade deadline.

Non-Sporting Links:

- From the Icon: Snoop Dogg has joined up with the Nation of Islam. Tomorrow's story: Snoop Dogg finds a way to cash in on his joining the Nation of Islam. I swear, Snoop may just be the rap equivalent to Gene Simmons.

- I spoke earlier of the legendary "The Wire." One thing I always find amusing is playing "Hey, it's That Guy from 'The Wire!'" Well, this week's "That Guy from 'The Wire'" winner is former Baltimore mayor and Maryland Governor Tommy Carcetti now appearing in the newest John Cena masterpiece, "12 Rounds."

- Tree-hugging liberal post of the day: "Comedian" Rush Limbaugh is under fire from new Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. I love Republican on Republican crime.

-Get ready for Maryland Death Fest VII! Best band name this year? A toss-up between Lair of the Minotaur and Entrails Massacre. Expect Hangar 39 to be joining up with on this one.

- Finally, today's YouTube clip to swing your heavy metal hair to is very much on the political side but it rocks like a motherfucker. It's "No W" by Ministry.


  1. About time you hit Deathfest... isn't it like 5 days long this year?

    Enjoy the day off... I am broadcasting live and direct from the office. However, that is not bad as I was able to pick up Sudden Impact on DVD for 99 cents.

  2. Yeah, I think me and Pone are down for it this year. We definitely want to interview Mayhem.

    Sudden Impact is no Sudden Death.